A little about me

I found this little questionnaire on a friend’s blog and filled it out here about myself.

Maybe I should – go help my husband finish hanging sheet rock in the kitchen.
I love the smell of – sunscreen, coffee, and sugar cookie candles.
People would say that I– am outgoing.
I don’t understand why – my husband is more stubborn than I am.
When I wake up in the morning – I have to let the dogs out.
I lost my willpower to – avoid chocolate last night.
Life is – good.
My past made me – very thankful for all that I have in life and realize that time with family is so much more important than money.
I get annoyed when I – can’t have my way. (Hey, at least I’m honest.)
Parties are not a good time to – argue with your significant other.
Dogs are – cute, fun, playful, and a lot of work.
Cats are – furry little things that sometimes purr and sometimes plot to kill you.
Tomorrow is – church day!
I have low tolerance for – people that don’t pay attention to their children.
I’m totally terrified of – snakes.
I wonder why I thought my life would be – just like it is now?
I always knew I would –get married young.
Never in my life have I – had surgery.
High school was – a great time in my life.
When I’m nervous– lose my appetite.
One time at a family gathering – I was tricked into falling on my butt in the front yard by my uncle.
Take my advice – don’t tell your husband, “I’ll be right back. Don’t hurt yourself while I’m gone.” He will.
Making my bed– is not something I do often.
I’m almost always – not wearing my contacts lately.
I’m addicted to – the message boards on the knot, blogging, my BlackBerry, and sweeping my kitchen (odd? Yes, I think so too.).
I want someone to – give my husband a job closer to home.

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