Where in the world is Mr. Anderson?

I have no idea. He doesn’t know either.

He is somewhere in Louisiana. Some town east of Shreveport.

I got the dreaded “storm call” yesterday morning about 9:30 when I was in the shower. I didn’t see that I had a voicemail until about 10 though. All he said was, “I’m goin’ on storm. Call me back.” I love how he’s so gentle in telling me he has no idea when he’ll be home, haha.

Anyway, apparently they had a bad storm there, wherever “there” is. They worked from the time they got to “there” yesterday until about 7:30 last night when they stopped for supper. After eating they went back to work until about 2 a.m. I think they headed back out about 7:45ish this morning.

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