My newest Pink

In the last week I have added three pieces to my pink collection. I think Mr. is beginning to think I have lost my mind. 🙂

I found this cute purse on Saturday at Trees n Trends.

This adorable bag was a deal! I found it at Rue 21 for only $5.00!

No, you aren’t imagining things. That really is a pink garden hose! I am so very excited about this purchase! It being pink does actually serve a purpose, too. It makes the hose more visible to my husband when he is mowing, and I will not mistake it for a snake in my yard. The latter is a problem I have had more than once with my other, black hose.

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  1. Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah

    Wow, a pink water hose, that is fab! I am in love with the owl tote I never go in Rue 21 becuase I feel like I am a little old, but it looks like I should. That bag is great, I am crazy about owls!

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