My "Why?" List on Wednesday

During my search for awesome pink stuff, I found some not-so awesome stuff and some awesome, but not-so thought out stuff. Here are a few…

Pet Highchair – Huh?

Jamie’s Painting and Design Cat’s Birthday Plate – Because everyone wants to buy a $36.00 plate for their pet to eat off of once a year…

Fantasy Furniture Heaven Bed – For only $113 I could buy this adorable bed! I actually like this, except for two things. One, my dogs would eat it in less than 20 minutes. (I’d like to know how many women have bought these thinking, ‘Oh Fifi will love it!’ only to wake up the next morning and find feathers and stuffing all over the room. ) Two, if (and that’s a big if) they didn’t eat it, they sure wouldn’t sleep in it. It isn’t my bed. It isn’t fun to sleep in a bed unless it means pushing Mommy & Daddy out.

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